teammates benefits

NIAS teammates actively help grow the Nevada Autonomous System industry with new business and jobs. They directly contribute to ground, water, or flying autonomous systems in Nevada or NIAS missions throughout the U.S.

Teammates across Nevada are shaping the future of the Unmanned Systems Industry for both the State and the Nation. Teammates have the ability to respond to Nevada Air Tasking Orders (NATO), participate in cross-marketing efforts, and benefit from lessons learned in a broad scope of UAS industry projects and R&D initiatives.

Interested in becoming part of the team? Contact us at 702-479-2989 for more information.

911 Security

911 Security is a leading airspace security company that specializes in providing drone detection solutions for Airports, Critical Infrastructures, Spectator Sports, Universities, Prisons, Events and more. Our airspace security experts integrate projects of all scopes and sizes nationwide, provide a top consultative approach and deliver the best turnkey drone detection solution to secure your airspace. Connect with us today to discover which of our drone detection solutions works best for your environment.

AboveNV is a full service Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) company, insured and federally licensed for professional aerial photography, mapping, and post processing services. We can help you with one time projects, equip your business with the technology and training needed to fly your own “drone” safely and legally. We have an extensive fleet and a large number of available pilots.
AERIUM Analytics
As a solution-oriented company, AERIUM Analytics is a Canadian UAV service provider with their sights set on the future and a focus on Airport, Energy and Forestry Operations. Through the integrated service model, unparalleled operational experience in complex environments and use of geospatial intelligence, AERIUM Analytics offers peace of mind to businesses when it comes to meeting compliance regulations.
AIRFENCE by Sensofusion

UAV’s pose a potential security risk to many environments including Airports, Prisons, Energy Facilities, Government offices, and Military bases. AIRFENCE has been designed with over 3 years of military testing with real world tactical scenarios. At it’s core, it can automatically detect, locate, track and take over UAV controls all on full auto. In addition, AIRFENCE can locate the operator with pin point accuracy in real time.

AirMap is the leading provider of aeronautical intelligence and navigation services to unmanned aircraft, or drones.

Developed by experts in technology, aviation and policy, AirMap’s cutting-edge technology transforms airspace below 500 feet to create an interconnected drone ecosystem.  AirMap has a rapidly expanding global network of partners and users who leverage AirMap’s accurate, reliable, and trustworthy airspace data and communication tools to enable UAS safely and securely.
Alaska UAV

Alaska Aviation Proving Ground, Inc. (AAPG) is a full service unmanned aircraft system manufacturer, and service provider who specializes in the sales and operation of Unmanned Aerial Imaging Systems (UAIS). The GEO Mapper I is a fully autonomous conventional helicopter electric UAV with an extreme high resolution multi-spectral imaging system. Our unmanned vehicles and camera systems are available for purchase or for hire on a contract basis in support of agriculture, mining, forestry, pipeline and tower inspection, and in support of research and development. Our imaging system utilizes ground station based differential GPS for highly accurate image registration for exceptional photogrammetric image processing, volumetric measurements and feature digitization
American Aerospace Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2002, American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) is an employee/investor owned small business with offices in Conshohocken, PA and Mountain View, CA. We’re an integrator, provider and operator of Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS. AATI UAS are end-to-end systems capable of operating safely and effectively in the NAS while delivering critical data products to end users in near real-time. Our deep roots in aerospace, telecom, aviation and remote sensing enable us build UAS at disruptively low capital and operating cost. AATI has been flying BVLOS in the National Airspace since 2010. We’ve conducted flight operations under eight (8) Certificates of Authorization (COAs) as well as in Restricted Airspace across the country. Since 2012 we’ve focused on developing sensors, analytics and systems for patrol, inspection and mapping of linear infrastructure including oil & natural gas pipelines and power lines. AATI also worked extensively in disaster response including wildland firefighting, floods, hurricane response and more recently in oil spill remote sensing. While working hard to open the skies to long endurance UAS, we also provide flight services with manned aircraft. AATI assists public entity and private industry customers in developing airspace, with over 15,000 square miles of active airspace in use today. Customers include oil & gas, electric utility, telecom and avionics companies as well as academic institutions and civil government agencies.
ANRA Technologies

ANRA Technologies specializes in end to end turnkey solutions for Commercial Drone Operations and Unmanned Traffic management. ANRA has won awards and has been featured in the likes of Fortune Magazine, Aviation Week, Dronelife, Bisnow and others. ANRA platforms have been used by NASA and multiple commercial entities. The company has operations in North America as well as Asia. The core engineering team has over 50 years of aviation, robotics and communications experience in commercial and DoD space.
Arcturus UAV

Arcturus UAV manufactures advanced tactical unmanned aircraft for long endurance ISR missions. The T-20 and Jump 20 aircraft can carry multiple payloads including a full range of gimbal sensors, SIGINT, providing full motion video and communication relays up to 70 miles.

AviSight is an aerospace data services company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our company employs Aerospace systems, Remote Sensing technology, Analytics, and Data Collection/Distribution systems for commercial and government clients.

Battlefield Flight Services, LLC (BFS) has been proud to provide innovative solutions for government and commercial customers. We solve problems that routinely meet or exceed customer requirements through best value worldwide aircraft operations and maintenance, systems engineering and technical assistance, flight operations support, expert test and evaluation capabilities, logistics support, supply chain management, professional training support, and Command, Control , Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems support. BFS has surveyed and set up twelve OCONUS sites, and continues to operate out of six of them. The company has well-established and highly efficient deployment procedures to prepare and certify teams to meet overseas commitments. Our parent company, Battlespace Inc., has over twenty years of operations and developmental experience in the RPA Enterprise. They were the principal support contractor for DoD’s initial buy of ten RQ-1 Predator UAS with associated GCS, sensor and support packages, as well as prepared the first systems for initial operationsl deployment in support of Air Force UAS operations in Bosnia and the Middle East. They developed the initial training syllabus and trained over 2000 military and contractor operators in aircraft and payload operation, software and hardware upgrades, and data exploitation. They also provide operational test & evaluation support for ongoing UAS test efforts. Battlespace Flight Services and Battlespace Inc’s success is founded on the expertise of UAS industry professionals who are proactively supported by customer focused leadership and a comprehensive ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
Blue White Robotics (BWR)

BWR is a leading service provider and operator of unmanned systems. Whether you are an agriculture company looking for crop monitoring and treatment, a security agency in the quest for 24/7 surveillance and emergency monitoring or an autonomous technology developer we are the experts you’re looking for. We offer RaaS based solutions to optimize your operational efficiency and productivity experienced in the Agriculture, Security & First responders, Oil & Gas and Automotive industry.

Brainlike, Inc. delivers computing solutions that reduce streams of sensor data to nuggets of valuable information—automatically and quickly.  Applications include generating effective alerts from environmental sensor data under changing conditions and reducing massive amounts of image data to important highlights.  We recently delivered a product that automatically highlights marine mammals in high-resolution camera images taken from aircraft, immediately after a flight.  Our customer has since independently verified that the product reduced the time it took their marine biologists to analyze the images by 98%. We are currently refining the product for real-time, in flight use.  When deployed in this way, the product will enable transmitting marine mammal detections in full resolution over low bandwidth channels, in real time.  As a result, operations that are potentially harmful to marine mammals will be barred immediately after the animals have been detected.  Our field- programmable products can run on drones, cell phones, smart radios, specialized processors, and cloud servers.  Our analysts can help you find sound solutions to meet your monitoring needs.
BRAQ Aerospace

BRAQ Aerospace LLC is a forward-thinking startup company founded to reshape the aviation industry via autonomous aerial vehicles. The company is based on ONE revolutionary Tilt-Wing Tri Ducted Fan Multi-Mode design patent” Pending” with three different configurations:
– Multi-Mode Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
– Multi-Mode Autonomous Personal Air Vehicle.
– Multi-Mode Aerial Manned Vehicle
Citadel Defense

Citadel Defense is a counter-drone technology company specializing in the development and deployment of drone mitigation for both military and commercial applications. Citadel provides a comprehensive, automated, low-cost machine learning system that passively and autonomously detects and prevents small/tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems from entering a protected space. Established in 2016, Citadel has a half dozen current military and government clients and has already successfully deployed several systems to active combat zones.
City of Henderson

Henderson, NV, part of the Las Vegas metro, is one of the nation’s premier cities in which to live and do business. With a population of almost 300,000 and more than a million in the local workforce, Henderson is an attractive option for companies looking to locate in the southwest. Henderson provides easy access to Southern California markets with the added advantage of Nevada’s low cost of doing business. The quality of life available in Henderson has made it the choice community for companies like Barclaycard, AAA, Toyota Financial, Ocean Spray, Unilever, Levi Strauss, Vadatech, and Spectrum Pharmaceutical. Henderson is “the address for success in the Las Vegas Valley.” Visit us as
City of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an iconic city known around the world. The city has a population of more than 628,000 residents and is situated in the Southern Nevada metropolitan area, which has over 2.1 million people. The city is home to well-known entities such as’s corporate headquarters and the World Market Center Las Vegas. In recent years, the city’s urban core has been revitalized through development projects such as The Smith Center for the Performing Arts and the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health; both serve as anchors for a 61-acre downtown development called Symphony Park. Also downtown is a still-growing medical district that will soon be home to the UNLV School of Medicine.

The city is committed to sustainability from its alternative-fueled fleet to is reliance on solar energy and recycling programs. Las Vegas also boasts amazing resorts, gaming, five-star restaurants, boutique shopping and high-caliber entertainment. It provides outdoor activities and more than 100 parks and recreation facilities. The city’s cultural offerings have become more robust with the addition of the Neon Museum, the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum and the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, all of which are experiencing great success.

Located just a short drive northwest of Las Vegas, the city of Mesquite offers an approved, secluded operation location, exceptional flying weather and all the amenities of the big city without all the attention.
ClearSpace Aeronautics

ClearSpace Aeronautics prevents drone collisions with its patent-pending Drone Aviation Radar™ (DAR™) system. DAR™ fits and integrates into existing avionics radar systems to detect, identify and track small stealth objects the size of a bird from up to ten miles away, moving them out of aircraft flight paths to create a clear space for safe flight. DAR™ is an automated system that uses an AI and is customizable for a wide range of aircraft.
D-Fend Solutions

D-Fend provides an autonomous end-to-end counter-drone perimeter security system for urban environments, named EnforceAir, which automatically detects, locates (GPS location of both the drone and the drone’s pilot) and identifies intruding drones, takes control over their communication links and lands them safely in a designated safe zone. The EnforceAir was designed for urban environments, is non-jamming, non-kinetic and doesn’t require line-of-sight.

Delair-Tech, a leader in professional UAVs, provides aerial-imagery-based data to help industries make informed decisions. Experts in both long-range UAV manufacturing and data processing, Delair-Tech delivers end-to-end solutions, from data acquisition to business analysis. Created in 2011, Delair-Tech is represented in more than 80 countries and has over 100 global employees with specialized solutions in various sectors, including : agriculture, geomatics, transport, electric power, oil and gas, mining, and security.

In 2016, Delair-Tech is continuing to consolidate its position in the commercial UAS market by acquiring the UAS business of Trimble, Gatewing. Alongside its acquisition, Delair-Tech has signed strategical distribution agreements with Trimble.

Who is the team behind Delair-Tech? The ambitious and fast growing 100 people team is headquartered in Toulouse, France, with offices in Ghent (Belgium), Sydney (Australia) and Los Angeles (USA).
Digital Global Systems

Digital Global Systems provides hardware and software that automates the detection and classification of the radio frequency (RF) environment and presents it in ways useful to many businesses. Anomalous signal detection includes wireless jammers, unauthorized LMR/DMR devices, mobile phones in secure facilities, small UAS (drones), and waveforms in unauthorized frequency bands.

Desert Research Insitute excels in atmospheric, hydrologic, earth and ecosystem science research to improve people’s lives in NEvada and the world. DRI faculty use manned and unmanned aircraft to acquire remote imagery and measurements as part of their suite of tools to provide timely and accurate environmental data analysis.
Drone America

Founded in 2011, Drone America believes that drones can be used to positively impact humanity and the daily quality of life.  We design, manufacture, and sell technologically advanced carbon-fiber unmanned systems.  In addition, Drone America provides custom sensor integration, training, field services along with product support.  Our on board post-processing hardware coupled with real time data delivery can provide shortened timelines and lower cost.
Drone Swag Productions

Drone Swag Productions is a professional unmanned aerial vehicle company located in Sparks Nevada. We provide aerial business intelligence through the use of sUAS technology. We are a veteran owned small business, we are fully licensed and insured, and also FAA compliant. We provide high quality unmanned aerial solutions and services such as orthomosaics, terrain models, NDVI analysis, and 3D models for your construction site, agricultural crop, industrial inspection, real estate listing, or special event. We value decreased human risk and costs by utilizing unmanned technology.

Dronesmith Technologies is a robotics company based in Las Vegas, NV. that focuses on creating tools that empower, educate, and connect people through emerging robotic techniques.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in unmanned systems at campuses in Daytona Beach, FL. and Prescott, AZ. online and through the Worldwide Campus in Nevada and around the globe. Professional education programs are also available.
Eye In The Sky UAS

Eye In The Sky Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), LLC was launched as a result of a merger of Red Consultants with Szanca Solutions.  The newly formed subsidiary of Szanca Solutions combines the strengths and experience of both companies in the rapidly growing UAS industry.  Headquartered in Bedford, PA, this Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business has established testing/training facilities at Silver Springs Airport, NV.  Working with the various UAS Test Sites, Government, academia, and industry, our focus has been in developing and providing operational UAS solutions in the areas of Emergency Management/First Responders, Infrastructure Inspection, and Counter UAS.  We also provide UAS Pilot Certification training at our locations in NV, PA/WV, CO, MI and FL.
Falcon Nano

Falcon Nano is a startup company which has developed an innovative technology which will enable:
– wireless data transmission to be 8 times faster,
– cell phones to have faster Internet connection than cable modems or DSL,
– speeds for wireless local and wide area networks (e.g., LAN, WAN, WiFi, WiMax, etc.) to be dramatically increased,
– increased performance and battery life for Internet of Things (IoT) and drone systems, and
– 8X increase in spectral efficiency.

Flirtey is the world’s first commercial drone delivery service and was founded with the vision of revolutionizing four industries- humanitarian, courier delivery, fast food, and online retail.
Flyspan Systems

Flyspan is disrupting the drone industry through innovation. With the launch of FlyView and the Mobile Drone Hotspot, Flyspan is becoming known as an innovator in the commercial drone industry. Flyspan launched two new products that revolutionize drone operations. The core product is FlyView.  It solves two critical problems with drone fleet operations – access to data, and decision making. FlyView exponentially reduces the time and resources required to process and display data from drone fleets. FlyView uses proprietary technology built on a scalable platform that enables users to make critical, time-sensitive decisions, in real time, from drone operations. The second product is the Mobile Drone Hotspot, a patented vehicle designed to meet the growing demand of commercial drone operations.  The Mobile Drone Hotspot uses patented mesh networking technology that enables continuous drone operations virtually anywhere. Every Mobile Drone Hotspot is sold with a subscription to FlyView.
Fruity Chutes

Since 2007 Fruity Chutes has manufactured premium parachutes for Aerospace, Corporate, Institutional, University, and Consumer customers who demand exceptional quality, have exacting requirements, and expect exceptional service. As a world leader in the manufacturing of recovery our parachutes are used for all types of Rocketry, Drones, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV), Multicopters, RC Control Aircraft, and Balloon Research.

Global C2 Integration Technologies is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Las Vegas founded with the expressed intention to lead industry and agencies into actionable awareness – that is exactly the paradigm that must play out as UAS goes from segregation within the National Airspace (NAS) to full manned and unmanned aircraft NAS integration. Formed in April 2008, GC2IT brings to the UAS community an exceptional experience base of over 35 years in both manned and unmanned systems development, test, and technical and mission integration. This level of knowledge and experience allows GC2IT to provide the resources necessary to execute the most complex scenarios, including the development of the Nevada Unmanned Autonomous and NextGen Collaborative Environment (NUANCE) laboratory. This valuable new piece of UAS test infrastructure, dedicated to supporting Nevada UAS Test Site integration with NASA and NASA’s partners such as the FAA, industry and academia, will increase the value of the overall UAS research, development, test and evaluation portfolio for the United States.
Global AIR Concepts

Global AIR Concepts provides leading technical expertise in the management and operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) / Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for the purposes of aerial imagery and reconnaissance for both government and commercial enterprises. Established and headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. in 2016, GAC is committed to the highest level of customer support through a culture of innovation and leadership. GAC specializes in RPAS/UAS operations management, capabilities development, Test and Evaluation, and Consulting services. Global AIR Capabilities provides aerial imagery and reconnaissance products, services, and expert consultation to its customers. GAC is a Veteran Owned Small Business.

The Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development was created during the 2011 Session of the Nevada Legislature through a collaboration of the Nevada Governor’s Office and the Leadership of the Nevada State Senate and State Assembly.  GOED promotes a robust, diversified, and prosperous economy in Nevada, stimulating business expansion and retention, encouraging entrepreneurial enterprise, attracting new business and facilitating community development.  Nevada’s economic platform will be driven by human ingenuity along with collaboration and strategic alliances with the broader community.  The principles of innovation, sustainability, and inclusiveness drive the organization’s approach on a daily basis.

GRADD CO is a Las Vegas based Nevada Corporation. GRADD’s mission is to provide its teammates, partners, and clients with the highest standards in operational services, technical expertise and safety-based training programs for the Global UAS industry. GRADD also provides professional-grade software and analytical tools, and data analysis services for a variety of industries such as; Precision Agriculture, Land Surveying, Infrastructure and Solar Farm Inspections, Law Enforcement, and 3D Aerial Mapping.

Griffin Aerospace is a manufacturer of aerospace products focused primarily on unmanned aircraft systems. Over the past decade, Griffon has delivered over 3600 unmanned air vehicles to the Department of Defense under one of our three prime production contracts. In addition to unmanned aircraft systems manufacturing, Griffon has a large flight operations department supporting simultaneous operations around the world. Our operations teams are based at our headquarters here in Madison and our office on Fort Bliss, Texas where we regularly conduct missions for our DoD and FMS Customers. Griffon is a recognized expertise in the design and fabrication of large advanced composite structure for space applications. Griffon is small business headquartered in Madison, Alabama occupying close to 100,000 square feet of industrial and manufacturing space.

Harris Corporation is a leading technology innovator, solving our customers’ toughest mission-critical challenges by providing solutions that connect, inform, and protect. Harris supports customers in more than 125 countries, has approximately $8 billion in annual revenue and 22,000 employees worldwide. The company is organized into four business segments: Communication Systems, Space and Intelligence Systems, Electronic Systems, and Critical Networks.
Iris Automation
Iris Automation is building an AI-based collision avoidance system that helps drones see the world how pilots do. By enabling Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to fly Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight (BVLOS), Iris is the critical missing piece that takes commercial drone operations from theoretical to functional. The company is based in San Francisco and Reno and is led by a team with experience at NASA, Boeing, and Nvidia, including PhDs in computer vision.
ISight RPV

Our mission is customer satisfaction, UAS excellence, and providing customers a better perspective. We put customer service at the core of our mission. We strive to understand our customers’ true requirements and we make sure we meet or exceed them. We have built our team around ensuring that we deliver only the highest quality aerial data and conduct our operations with world class safety and professionalism. Last but not least, We have built a team of UAS professionals that are ready to help you implement UAS and unlock the incredible value of capturing aerial data. We are ready to show you A Better Perspective. ISight RPV Services provides Remotely Piloted Vehicle operations to agricultural, critical infrastructure, wildlife management, insurance, and emergency services clients so they can unlock the value and efficiency of collecting information with unmanned aircraft.
Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation
Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation is one of the oldest research institutions in Europe. It was officially established in Warsaw, Poland in 1926, although its roots date back to 1918. The Institute provides the highest quality R&D services to local and global industrial partners from the aerospace sector. The Institute has 30 specialized laboratories, including the largest wind tunnel in Central and Eastern Europe. The main research areas of the Institute are design.
MARS Parachutes, Inc.

MARS Parachutes, Inc. helps you equip your UAS/UAV with the insurance you need to protect your investment, and with this new level of safety, protect people & property below with every flight you take. We are the standard for UAS/UAV Parachute Safety Systems. We equip UAS and UAV with Parachutes, Automatic Deployment, Manual Deployment, and Flight Termination Systems that comply with ASTM F3322 – 18 Standard Specification for Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Parachutes.

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. is an engineering and technology solutions provider with an in-depth understanding of the policy, regulatory, and technical aspects of the UAS industry for the defense, intelligence, and commercial markets.

Welcome to the Nevada Advanced Autonomous Systems Innovation Center. We are a business development arm of the University of Nevada, Reno focused on serving as a catalyst for innovative business and the development of a technologically advanced workforce. Located is one of the six federally authorized UAS test sites, NAASIC connects entrepreneurs and business owners with the resources of a research University with substantial interdisciplinary expertise in autonomous systems.
Navmar Applied Sciences Corp.

NASC is proud to be a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB).  Since its inception in 1977, Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation has provided engineering, technical services, manufacturing, and products in support of the Department of Defense. By providing our customers with quality products and consistently exceeding customer expectations, we have grown to a 200+ employee company with more than 10 locations spread throughout the United States, as well as supporting the global war on terrorism overseas.  Over the years our technical expertise has expanded to include avionics, unmanned aircraft, sensors, electro-optics, prototyping, small aircraft manufacturing, and systems integration. As an ISO 9001:2015 company, NASC uses a process approach to enhance the Corporation’s efficiency and effectiveness in achieving its objectives.

Neurala is a software company that developed The Neurala Brain—deep learning neural network AI software that makes smart products like robots, drones, toys, self-driving cars and smart cameras more autonomous, engaging and useful.

Neurala provides off-the-shelf and customized solutions ranging from high-end applications to inexpensive everyday consumer products. With the Neurala Brains for Bots Software Development Kit (SDK) and an ordinary camera, products can learn people and objects, recognize them in a video stream, find them in the video and track them as they move. The Neurala Brain is based on technology originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

At NV Energy, our economic development experts work strategically with businesses, site selectors, real estate brokers/developers and economic development agencies to facilitate business location and expansion within Nevada.

Founded in 2014, NVdrones creates software to help businesses manage their fleet of drones. NVDash contains airspace and weather information, customizable checklists, post-flight analysis, as well as equipment and pilot management. Our web and mobile applications seamlessly integrate for a cohesive experience both out in the field or in the office giving you unprecedented awareness of your company’s flight operations at any given moment.

PrecisionHawk offers end-to-end solutions including UAV’s, data analysis software tools and drone traffic control systems to provide better business intelligence across civilian industries.

Since its inception in 2010, Quadrocopter has provided sales, support and training solutions with a focus on aerial cinematography as well as enterprise geospatial data collection, post-processing, analysis, visualization, dissemination and advanced video analytics.  Partnered with many of the top sUAS manufacturers, Quadrocopter combines the highest quality products to provide complete UAS systems and workflows.  Headquartered in the beautiful Flathead Valley, Montana, Quadrocopter has recently opened its second location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Que-A LLC delivers advanced engineering skill sets to develop, train and integrate convolutional neural networks (cNN) as a game changer in real-time video analytics by overlaying artificial intelligence that results in alerting analyst to a predetermined set of warnings, forecasting, and tracking indicators at the click of a button. Programs looking to automatically apply intelligent structure onto unstructured streaming data in near real time is a great match to integrate our artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities with our flagship imagery intelligence offering, Que-A. Que-A™ (Queue the Analyst) powers awareness through computer vision and deep neural networking. Evolving sensors of unmanned aircraft systems in conjunction with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations are collecting extraordinary amounts of high definition (HD) still imagery and full motion video (FMV) at unprecedented rates. High ingestion rates and limited qualified analysts cannot keep up with demand and adversely impacts the mission. If we had the ability to automatically understand content of an image, associate relevant nomenclature and apply metadata to all objects in near real-time, we could literally understand everything to effectively keep up with demand and enable just-in time decision making. In order to do this successfully, we need to purposefully develop and integrate algorithms built with strong collaboration between the customer and Que-A™ computer vision developers.

The Reno-Stead Airport, owned by the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority, is a 5,000 acre GA Airport identified as 1 of 4 test ranges in the FAA designated NV UAS Test Site. The Stead Airport supports a wide variety of UAS flight testing activities, is partnered with the Tier 1 University of Nevada, Reno and has a Live Virtual Constructive Distributed Environment lab directly connected to NASA Ames.

Sapphire Innovative Solutions, Inc has 30 over years of service to our military customers, providing
engineering and integration consulting services for cyber Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance
and Advisory & Assistance Services contract services. USAF retired, Disabled Veteran owned, 8a
professional service provider. Our primary focus will continue to be the DoD Network Centric information
exchange technology for cyber and future sensor systems. We have forged new relationships with the Sate
of Nevada providing cutting edge technologies and support services Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).
Sapphire has patented technology is designed to provide service oriented network infrastructure for UAS
C2 data link BVLOS operations. The Communications Network for UAS (CNUAS) provides C2 data link,
Position Navigation and Time (PNT), Vehicle trajectories Control, and other Internet Protocol data services
within the confines of a private, resilient, and secure network for Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations.
Silver Springs Airport

Since 1990 the mission of the Silver Springs Airport, LLC has been to develop the Silver Springs Airport thru public/private partnership with Lyon County for general, commercial aviation, aviation-related industry and UAS flight testing, manufacturing and development

SkySkopes is a highly professional drone flight operator focused on bringing innovative solutions to the energy sector.

VirtualAirBoss is the only business software proven to easily manage your UAS operations from A to Z. Schedule, fly and (COA) report on a diverse fleet; integrate sensors, cameras and data analysis tools; and deliver actionable results cost-effectively in one system.
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
  SAIT is Alberta’s third largest post-secondary institute, with approximately 17,000 full time students. The Centre for Innovation and Research in Unmanned Systems (CIRUS) is part of Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) at SAIT and is a hub for industry-focused applied research. Funded by a $2,000,000 NSERC grant, CIRUS has four full-time researchers, with a further 15 paid research assistants, drawn primarily from geomatics programs at SAIT.
Space Information Labs

Space Information Labs (SIL) is a California small business that develops and manufactures Space qualified game changing and patented products. These include VBITS GPS Metric Tracking, Autonomous Flight Termination and Space Based Range units, MIL-STD CubeSat 6U to 27U OMSR Bus, Intelli-Avionics® and Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® batteries for DOD, NASA and the Aerospace Industry for launch vehicles, missiles, small satellites, aircraft and UAS platforms.

SIL has performed as a prime contractor to DOD and NASA, and as a value added product supplier and technical engineering service provider to large Aerospace prime contractors. SIL has a complete in-house aerospace engineering, manufacturing and environmental test capability. SIL accomplishes this work at the highest quality using an AS9100 Quality Management System with continual daily improvement to reach the next level of excellence.
The Aerodrome

The Aerodrome is the World’s 1st commercial droneport revolutionizing how individuals and organizations design, apply, fly and maintain unmanned aviation systems.

UASUSA manufactures, customizes and pilots unmanned aircraft for commercial applications. For the last seven years, UASUSA has been helping communities and businesses locally and around the world solve some of the toughest business, environmental, and scientific challenges.

The Tempest, UASUSA’s flagship UAS, is designed with efficiency in mind. Its endurance, stability, and payload flexibility position it as best-in-class for fixed wing UASs under 55 lbs. It has successfully accomplished many challenging missions, including flying at the edge-of-space with the Naval Research Lab, monitoring rhinos in Africa, and tracking tornados with the University of Colorado.

Unifly is a leading supplier of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) software. Founded by air traffic controllers and pilots, Unifly has developed a unique UTM platform that connects authorities with operators to integrate UAVs into the airspace safely and securely. In order to align everyone’s interests and to ensure increased situational awareness, Unifly also partners with many different stakeholders, companies, and research groups worldwide.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is a public research institution committed to rigorous educational programs and the highest standards of a liberal education.
Unmanned Aerial Surveillance

Unmanned Aerial Surveillance LLC (UAS) is an aerospace company based in Southern CA. Our team consists of expert personnel with thousands of hours of combined UAV and Aerospace experience. UAS is proud to be on the cutting edge of the most sophisticated UAV and sensor technologies.  Flying a variety of fixed wing and multi rotor assets, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality data on time, every time, at the lowest practical cost.

Verascan is an advanced remote sensing and geospatial information company focused on providing services and products that allow customers to efficiently view and process high quality data. The company is founded on years of military training, aerial data analysis and thousands of hours flying and instructing in manned and unmanned aerial systems. We believe that advancements in remote sensing capabilities and usable data will simplify lives enhance safety, and provide answers to some of the world’s immediate issues.

Volans-i provides the fastest and cheapest on-demand delivery service for time-critical shipments over long ranges. We help our customers save millions of dollars on down-time & inventory costs and gain control over their supply chain by leveraging drone technology as a transportation method.
Wolf UAS

Wolf UAS provides industry leading safety programs customized for your drone operation.  Our mission is to provide industry leading knowledge and training for UMS and non-UMS organization. We build programs to lead through safety and scale with growth. We are experts in program development, safety management systems, and establishing internal policy. Wolf UAS is proud to be the company of choice for large enterprises, energy companies, and the network of vendors that support them.
Citadel Threat Management

Citadel delivers an automated, cost effective solution to market that will monitor airspace, detect threats, track and intercept unauthorized drones that enter restricted airspace. The systems passively monitors all communication frequencies around the site.  Citadel’s proprietary detection algorithms will compare all radio frequency activity to a set of drone signal profiles.  When a match occurs between a detected communication signal and a drone signal profile, the system enters neutralization mode.

There’s no doubt that drones are bringing great benefits to society. But as drone sales reach an all-time high and the technology and sophistication behind them is amplified, the risk of drones being misused for illegal purposes is rising. That’s why Dedrone has developed DroneTracker, the world’s first aerial intrusion detection platform to protect critical infrastructure, governmental institutions, industries and individuals against hostile drones.
This is the present. Looking into the near future, we are convinced that drones will soon deliver goods, transport people, and perform automated tasks and jobs. With our technology we will play a key role in the creation of an aerial infrastructure to control and command the drone traffic above our cities.

Drone Logbook is the premier UAV/Drone industry data management platform that allows operators to track and manage flight data, equipment, locations, maintenance operations, incidents, documents and more. As a drone operator, you want to focus on flying. Administrative tasks related to business operations, compliance and reporting take time and energy away from your core business. Our platform integrates your business operations with your regulatory obligations saving you time and money.  DroneLogbook reduces the burden by automating many of these tasks:

  • Generate compliance (FAA, CAA, CASA, CAD, DGAC) reports in seconds. Regulatory agencies require you to produce records on demand. DroneLogbook makes that easy.
  • Create documentation electronically (Authorization Forms, POA etc)
  • Create custom checklist and risk assessment forms
  • Map flight area’s and check safety status with Airmap Airspace Intelligence
  • Import flight log files or automatically push your flight data from 3rd party apps. Show exactly where, when and how the mission was executed
  • Attach documentation to flights to track compliance
  • Project folders with all flights & documentation in a single folder to better manage operations and compliance
  • Notification and tracking of maintenance tasks
  • Create custom reports in seconds
  • Operate offline and sync when you are online


Velodyne LiDAR

Velodyne LiDAR, Inc. has emerged as the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high performance LiDAR sensors used in a variety of applications including autonomous vehicles, 3D mapping, security and defense. The durability, 360-degree field of view and high data rate make these sensors ideal for the most demanding applications. Velodyne LiDAR provides a full line of sensors, including the HDL-64E, HDL-32E, VLP-16 ‘Puck’ and the Puck Lite, each capable of delivering the most accurate real time 3D data on the market.