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How to Prepare for Drone Pilot Certification

How to Prepare for Drone Pilot Certification

To legally operate a drone for commercial purposes, you must pass the Aeronautical Knowledge Test for Remote Pilot Certification with Small UAS Rating; it is also known as the Part 107 Exam. When the certification rule was passed in 2016, there were already many hobbyists that wanted to convert to pilot status and perform work on a commercial basis.

For seasoned pilots, the need for training was different than for someone with no prior experience. Many seasoned pilots were able to pass the certification guide with self-study, the FAA test guide, and market resources like training apps. The drone business has changed in the time since the initial rule in 2016. There are scores of businesses that did not exist then, and the challenge for new pilots is to maximize the benefits of being part of an emerging industry.

First Time and Manned Pilots
The FAA has separate testing procedures for persons with a manned aircraft license as opposed to newcomers without prior aviation experience. First-time applicants must take the Part 107 initial knowledge exam. Licensed manned aircraft pilots can choose either the part (a)initial knowledge test OR the part (b) recurrent knowledge test.

The FAA Study Guide
The FAA study guide is a great place to start. The FAA guide describes the steps needed, the qualifications, fees, and schedule. The guide offers information and sample questions. The exam covers regulations, airspace requirements, weather, loading the drone, and flight operations. A commercial drone training course adds the technical and practical knowledge needed to master the basics of safe drone operation.

Continuing Education
Experience is a wonderful teacher, particularly in an industry that takes on new roles and functions. The law requires more than that. The federal regulations in section 107.65 require a refresher course every two years after drone certification. To maintain good standing, certified pilots must complete a refresher course within 24 months. Drone classes are an excellent way to keep in good standing, but also to expand skills, gain new ideas, and acquire new skills.

Helpful Drone Apps
The marketplace is filled with training and educational apps in response to a regulatory change like the remote pilot certification. One can find apps and videos that offer a glimpse into the test requirements, knowledge, and test questions. For some people, this may do the trick and result in a passing score and a certification. There may be far more to gain than a passing score.

Commercial drone training addresses drone technology as a rapidly growing and expanding field. New industries discover ways to use drones to perform valuable functions. They will need certified operators with a depth of understanding and background that will enable them to perform under a wide range of conditions. Commercial drone training offers the depth and level of knowledge needed to take full advantage of the business, contract, and employment opportunities.