Dr. Fenstermaker has over 30 years of experience in assessing, mapping, and monitoring the effect of environmental stressors on vegetation at small and large scales using multispectral and hyperspectral remotely sensed data from ground to satellite based platforms including UAS (unmanned aircraft systems). Recent research has focused on the use of remote sensing to estimate evapotranspiration for riparian and phreatophytic zones, fine scale examination of crop stressors, and wildfire impact on Great Basin and Mojave Desert vegetation. As an administrative Director, Dr. Fenstermaker is managing several statewide programs including the NV Space Grant Consortium, NV NASA EPSCoR and two research programs addressing the effects of climate change: Nevada Desert FACE Facility (NDFF) and the Mojave Global Change Facility (MGCF). She is also serving as DRI’s UAS Liaison.

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