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Fighting Deforestation: How Drones Will Help Fight the Battle

Fighting Deforestation: How Drones Will Help Fight the Battle

Deforestation is a major environmental impact of business and commercial use of land. Humans use trees for lumber, destroy forests when mining, and clear-cut land for agriculture. Since early history, scientists estimate that human activity has taken as much as half of the world’s forests. The rate of deforestation has increased as populations grew, and people used machines and advanced technology to harvest lumber and clear land. Today, governments and organizations realize the importance of planting trees. Drones provide a platform for area surveys, assessing deforestation, and for planting new forests.

Drones and Reforestation

Drones offer a cost-effective and efficient platform for assessing reforestation needs and delivering seeds. Demonstration projects support technology that uses drones to deliver biodegradable seed packets to barren or depleted areas. A fleet of specially equipped drones can cover a large area with seeds that can effectively initiate a generation of tree growth in a region. Drone certification is attainable for individuals and organizations that want to get involved in efforts to fight the effects of deforestation. Commercial drone training can increase the capability of socially conscious investment programs, organizations, and public programs to impact the need for restoring forests.

Deforestation is a global problem, as uses of mass clearing techniques are widespread and extremely efficient. Forestation offers many substantial social, economic, and environmental benefits. Laws require drone certification for safe and legal operation of drones in US and international airspace. Investing in commercial drone training is an excellent method for organizations to gain the in-house capacity to carry out information gathering, assessments, and reforestation activities. As drone technology improves power, range, and power usage, drone platforms will play a more significant role in the global effort to restore forests.