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Counter Unmanned Aviation System (cUAS) Testing in the Nevada Mohave Desert

Counter Unmanned Aviation System (cUAS) Testing in the Nevada Mohave Desert

14 July 2016 – LAS VEGAS, N.V. Counter Unmanned Aviation Systems (cUAS), this emerging industry is gaining interest to public and commercial drone operators. Skysafe and the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS), who manages the Nevada UAS Test Site teamed together to test counter UAS technology near Mesquite, Nevada on the northern side of the Virgin River valley late June 2016. From commercial applications to national security, cUAS drone technologies can detect, take control of, or divert unwanted or unauthorized drone activity in any given area.

“Nevada is an optimal state to test various cUAS technologies because of the year-round flyable weather, low to zero humidity, and vast training areas,” said Mark Barker, NIAS Business Development Director. “I would argue that Nevada really facilitates testing any commercial or government cUAS over any other known location.”

“The initial testing of the SkySafe system is a new line of operation for the Nevada UAS Test Site. The SkySafe innovative system is invaluable to the UAS Industry because it demonstrates that the technology to protect public infrastructure, sensitive government, or Defense Department infrastructure or personnel from unauthorized drone flight is here and soon available. Innovative cUAS testing operations will exponentially increase as more drones travel across the National Airspace System,” said Dr. Chris Walach, Director of Operations for NIAS and the Nevada UAS Test Site.

SkySafe is comprehensive solution for securing and managing airspace. With the ability to detect, identify, track, and defend against rogue or malicious drones, SkySafe provides situational awareness, early warning, and the ability to take action quickly and effectively. “We flew a detailed test progam to continue testing our technology. We were pleased with the results and it was great working with NIAS” said Kyle Turner, Director of Operations for Skysafe.

Skysafe and NIAS conducted UAS flight operations at a Nevada UAS test range over uninhabited desert near Mesquite, Nevada, one hour from Las Vegas. The Mesquite UAS range is one of 30 UAS ranges in Nevada that was established to support the state’s growing UAS industry through advanced testing and training operations.

About Skysafe

SkySafe was founded in 2015 in San Diego, CA. The SkySafe team consists of drone experts from MIT, UC San Diego, the Air Force Research Lab, and more. Our goal is to build safe, secure airspaces as a new wild west of drone development and innovation emerges. SkySafe develops comprehensive airspace management tools for stadiums, airports, cities, and more. We’re building the ground infrastructure that will make sure drones have a positive impact on quality of life as they become more prevalent and useful in society.

About NIAS

The Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) On behalf of the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, NIAS and the FAA-designated Nevada Unmanned Aviation Test Site leads the growth of the Nevada Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) Industry through business teaming relationships, collaborating with primary research institutions on UAS research and development, and enhancing the Nevada UAS Industry knowledge base in order to attract new and permanent business and create jobs in the State of Nevada. NIAS has the unique mission to plan and operationally execute UAS flights in collaboration with Nevada Teammates, collect FAA flight performance data, develop enhanced UAS National Airspace (NAS) safety control measures, and
recommend unmanned aviation lessons learned to the FAA and NASA.