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Chris Walach helps lead Drone Industry growth in Nevada

Chris Walach helps lead Drone Industry growth in Nevada


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At the end of 2013, Nevada was named one of six Federal Aviation Administration drone test sites in the country, and the only one to encompass an entire state. Now, it’s home to a center of excellence that promotes public safety in the airspace and has partnered with international companies to advance autonomous systems. Both programs are managed by the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems, which also oversees the operations of Nevada’s drone test site. Chris Walach, senior director of NIAS, leads the institute’s focus on using small businesses, research and development and technology demonstrations to advance the local drone industry. Five years after its launch, NIAS reports that it’s helped create about 200 jobs in the drone industry, and expects to create 400 to 500 more in the next year and a half. Gerald Van Hoy, a private consultant for the robotics and drone industries…


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