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Beware Of Fake Drone Registration Sites

Beware Of Fake Drone Registration Sites

Many applicants seek to register their drone systems with the FAA. Some find websites that seem to have some connection with the Agency, and that offer a quick turnaround drone registration for a fee. The FAA advises that these firms do not work with FAA and that there is no need to pay for an assistance service; registration is quick, simple, and inexpensive.

The FAA has jurisdiction over air transportation in US airspace. The agency manages most parts of the federal drone research and development programs including drone testing sites. FAA drone registration should be a simple process. The FAA offers a dedicated portal to register any UAS; one process governs systems that are heavier than .55 lbs and lighter than 55 lbs.

Low-Cost Registration
The cost for registration of a Sec 107 unmanned aerial system is five dollars ($5.00). You can register and pay online using standard card payment accounts. The FAA does not contract with outside companies for registration assistance. The government does not oversee private registration firms or consult with them about fees and services. Representations to the contrary are at best unauthorized and likely part of a scam to collect fees for unnecessary services.

Look Out for Scams
The FAA, social media forums, and drone sites have many reports of assisted registration services that charge various types of fees to provide an FAA drone registration. Reports have described introductory services or reviews for $40 to $50 and full filings for up to $200. While the customers generally did receive their registration, the official fee is only $5.00, and it requires minimal personal information. The assistance sites seem to gather a lot of information and charge much more than the $5.00 fee.

The FAA advises that it does not review or approve any other registration assistance websites. Further, it appears that some of these sites offer a misleading presentation of affiliation with the FAA.

FAA Warning
The number complaints and observations of questionable registration sites caused the FAA to issue an advisory to pilots seeking to register their drones. The Federal Aviation Administration Website suggests caution when considering any non -FAA websites that offer registration or registration assistance. The FAA advises that the registration process is simple and easy to perform. Applicants can complete the process in minutes on the official FAA registration website called the FAA Drone Zone.

Register at the FAA Drone Zone
The Federal Aviation Administration does not partner with online registration assistance programs. FAA has a clear and easily recognized web presence. They do not partner with private companies for registration as they do with private partners at the FAA drone test sites. Applicants may only get an official drone registration on the FAA authorized registration portal; there is no need to contract with third parties to get a drone registration.



Drone Registration Scams

Be Aware of Drone Registration scams