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8 Major Companies Using Drone Technology

8 Major Companies Using Drone Technology

New industries and leading businesses continue to add drone technology to perform critical tasks. This article will look at some major companies using drone technology in existing and future operations.


1. Shell Oil Refinery
Shell Oil uses safety and compliance inspection drones. Oil refiners must continuously inspect for safety, regulatory compliance, and production benchmarks. Some of these inspections involve dangerous locations, difficult to reach spots, and toxic fumes.

Drones can carry high-resolution cameras and electronic sensors. Companies can invest in increasing the number of employees on staff certified with a remote pilot license. This investment in commercial drone training can add capability and flexibility to an existing workforce or add employees with needed skills going forward.

2. Amazon
Amazon Prime Air Service is a planned program under development with testing in Cambridge in the UK. The company seeks to establish a one-half hour order to delivery turnaround. The prototype illustrates the employment advantages of commercial drone training and the added value of employees with a certified drone pilot license. Amazon is a major global retailer, and by itself, Amazon’s adoption of drone delivery technology would transform e-commerce.

3. The British Broadcasting Corporation
The BBC recognizes the importance of aerial photography; the news organization has a drone journalism team. Aerial journalism adds to the impact. The internal corporation resources include commercial drone training trainees, and those with a drone pilot license. With the reliance on aerial sound and video platforms, BBC develops institutional expertise.

4. EasyJet
Airlines must maintain a vigorous and rigid schedule of aircraft inspections and undertake inspections and repairs as needed. EasyJet uses drones to conduct detailed inspections. Drones can save time and reduce the required human effort; drones technology also provides a high degree of control and documentation.

5. Walmart
Walmart applied for a patented drone system to carry items around the store. The drones could reduce customer travel to various departments within a Walmart. The system could improve the customer experience and reduce reliance on human resources. Walmart stores are large and may require many customers to travel across the store many times. The concept can avoid flying drones in indoor air spaces above customers by using the pathways above shelving and display areas.

6. Balfour Beatty Construction
Balfour Beatty and its Building Information Management system use 3D modeling to build and design structures. Drone photography and imagery supports the 3D imaging system with precise information.

7. DHL
The DHL corporation has pioneered delivery of pharmaceuticals and blood to remote locations. The DHL Parcelcopter resumed the trials with parcel deliveries to some remote German communities.

Many large and recognized brands have adopted drone technology for essential business tasks. These innovations and expanded uses can drive the growth of drone technology for the foreseeable future.

8. NV Energy & Avisight 

NV Energy & Avisight worked in collaboration with NIAS, Drone America, and the Desert Research Institute to combine drone technology with increased workplace safety. In 2016, they first announced the use of drones to help inspect power lines.

Dr. Chris Walach, Director of Operations at NIAS, has shared his enthusiasm with the success of the drones in this market, stating problems were discovered along the forty-mile surveyed stretch.


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