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UAS TAAC 2016 Conference

12/12/2016 | 12:00 AM | Eldorado Hotel

The UAS TAAC (Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technical Analysis and Applications Center) venue has always succeeded in gathering the UAS organizations that matter. Last year, we had numerous government and industry leaders at TAAC who can and do discuss critical issues regarding UAS in a productive, value-added environment.

At TAAC 2016, we anticipate the same caliber of speakers and attendees from several federal agencies (DoD, NASA, DHS, DOJ, DOC, DOE, DOI), aviation user groups such as AOPA, AIA, as well as universities, and private industry. TAAC attracts a diverse group of professional attendees and offers timely, relevant topics, presented in both classified and open venues.

While attending TAAC, you will have an excellent opportunity to network with UAS users, providers, and implementers. Our outstanding venue at the Eldorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe, NM facilitates informal interaction with all of the participants during this three-day event. Even in this modern electronic age, nothing can replace that person-to-person contact.

The organizers of TAAC also have endeavored to provide you the most comprehensive UAS information possible. The breadth and depth of the information is expected to be tremendously valuable for all attendees.

Please plan on joining us at TAAC and enjoy some New Mexico hospitality while you are provided with top quality, UAS mission-critical program information.

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